Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Money to the workers and your kicks for free

On a brand new, bright concrete sidewalk on Front Street just across from the Hockey Hall of Fame lies a new black stencil painting showing a character from Monopoly, carrying a game piece car with the saying "We should have given the money to the workers."

One can only presume that the illustration seeks to point out an injustice in the recent bailout of the auto industry using taxpayer money, money which we do not have and which has to be borrowed. The amount of the bailout (for now) is $10.5 billion dollars!!!!! Would it have been cheaper, or better, to fund the workers directly or pay funds to a company that may not survive? I am not an economist but what do they know anyway? Rather than send a letter to the editor (after all, who reads newspapers now), lets post a letter to the sidewalk. I will keep an eye on this spot to see if the sidewalk replies.

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