Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freaky sculptures at Distillery District

Some far out sculptures created by American artist Michael Christian have found a temporary home in the Historic Distillery District.

The large, metal pieces dominate the surrounding areas and are surreal monsters ready to pounce on unsuspecting visitors. Michael has become a sensation while participating in the very famous Burning Man Project. I would love to go to Burning Man and I do like these creations that have graced the desert festival.

One of the sculptures is a black, three legged spider, octupus type thing with a single eye on it's bulbous head and titled IT. The second sculpture called Koilos is a silver human type form that is crouching and viewed from the front you notice the head is a hollow flower shaped appendage. The kids might be a little scared of these creatures and I can see where people might think that they really don't fit into the character of the historic, brick filled community.

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