Friday, June 12, 2009

Redball gets an education

Redball makes it to Ryerson University to get some book learning while still managing to hit on the undergraduates. Perched above the ground suspended on handrails beside a balcony the big, red ball gets some face time with the university crowd. At one point he was swarmed by a gaggle of small children delighted in the sheer size of the ball.

I understand the artist, Kurt Perschke, is in the area so I will head back later to see if I can get a photo of him and to check if the ball gets a graduation cap and gown. Update: I managed to find Kurt (that's him on the right in the following photo) and talked to him about his art.

Kurt Perschke is a very approachable sculpture and I congratulated him on his project, especially how fun it was. I also talked to him about how he came to create Redball. He said he was looking for something that involved the existing cityscape. He has done a number of art installations but they were limited to the U.S. including "Seaside" which involved the beach and lines of flags. He has an unusual piece called "Flask" and he said it was a cast of two arms that he made after giving blood - that's his blood in the flask.

I guess the Taxpayer Federation had been around, upset at the expenditure of taxpayer funds contributing to Redball's participation in Luminato. I think it was a good use of money.

See my earlier posts to check Redball at various locations throughout Toronto.

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