Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hot time, Zombie in the city

During #Toronto Nuit Blanche I ran into a couple of zombies promoting the @TOZombieWalk and Halloween Parade happening October 26, 2013. The sched is as follows: Meet at noon at Nathan Phillips Square, Parade at 3 pm and Show at 5 pm. Now some people haven't heard of the Toronto Zombie Walk - which just amazes me as the zombies have been walking since 2003 always searching for juicy brains - here are photos from the 2012 walk. The costumes, the makeup and the enthusiasm of the walking dead is truly a spectacle to witness, do it before you die and come back and eat people and can't really appreciate it because you are dead.
"WHAT IS A ZOMBIE WALK & HALLOWEEN PARADE? Deadlings! We are pleased and proud and EXCITED to announce that this year for the first time ever we are adding a Halloween parade to our zombie walk!!!! A REAL Parade, ok maybe surreal! With marching bands, bike floats, a drum line and more!!! In honour of this metamorphosis, we are inviting ALL MONSTERS to come and walk, bike, crawl or lurch with the ZOMBIE HORDE! No matter if you’re a werewolf, a mummy, a vampire, a creature from the black lagoon, or a zombie (because come on, we all love to shuffle) you're all welcome to participate in Toronto’s first ever Zombie Walk & Halloween Parade!"
Some of the fun and special effects at last year's walk

Adam Invader, undead husband of Thea Munster. They got married as zombies and it was really cool!

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