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#Toronto International Boat Show 2013

It was a Forrest Gump of watercraft at the @TorontoBoatShow - canoe boats, sailboats, power boats, paddle boats, cruising boats, yacht boats.... You can catch the show and Captain Jack, pictured above at the Sunsail booth, until January 20 at the Direct Energy Centre in Exhibition Place "put some SUMMER in your winter!" Downtown was empty because everyone seemed to be at the boat show, buying boats from the looks of all the SOLD signs.
Diane Reid of One Girl's Ocean Challenge poses with her #175 6.5m open class mini sailboat in the background, above. She will be going on a solo adventure when she crosses the Atlantic Ocean with a race from France to Guadeloupe in October 2013 with seventy to one hundred other sailors.
The race takes over four weeks and takes a lot of courage, skill and the ability to fall asleep while tossing about all alone on the high seas.
Moving from solo sailboats to a high speed powerboat racer is Tammy Wolf, shown above with her red, mercury powered boat.

You could check out all the boats including the big ones - but you generally had to line up and take off your shoes to get onboard. Besides the gigantic showroom floor filled to the gunwhales and the World's largest indoor lake, other areas of the show included Cottage Country and Mariner's Marketplace.
The Marlies rink was waterproofed and filled with over a million gallons of Lake Ontario water and used for boat demonstrations and rides as well as an exciting wakeboarding competition. Rockstar helped to sponsor the Winter Wake Fest and there were a couple of Rockstar ladies in bright pink dresses.

See more boat pictures after the jump.

A Wakestock boat
Marriage proposal at the indoor lake - she said yes!
A wet Wake Fest performer
The wakeboard professionals were pulled by an overhead cable system that powered them through the course. There were two jumps set up and one had a Rockstar target high in the air that the boarders would try to hit after going off the jump. They went high in the air and they came down hard with many a spill in the cold water their reward for a not quite so perfect jump.

Muskoka Beer was the official show beer
A forest of Yamaha outboard motors
Riding tubes

Tall Ship Adventure booth

Caught a fish at the Kids Fishing Zone

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