Monday, January 21, 2013

Dead of Winter in #Toronto

Named for the period in midwinter when Old Man Winter brings a cold snap coupled with some wicked wind chills to create zombie weather or, duh, duh, duh, the Dead of Winter. And I can't say zombies without showing some of the brain eating monsters from the annual Zombie Walk.
This freezing period, usually centered around January 19, is between January 10 and February 10. Pigeons gather around a steam vent to keep warm outside the Eaton Centre, while more fly in to join the party.

Temperatures, without windchill, for the next couple of days from the Weather Network.

With temperatures hitting close to minus 20 degrees Celsius the City of Toronto issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert and advises homeless people to seek shelter. Call 311 if you see someone that needs outreach assistance, or 911 if it is an emergency. Overnight Tuesday the temperature is supposed to feel like -27 degrees with wind chill.

"The City of Toronto has called an Extreme Cold Weather Alert to make vulnerable homeless people aware of the dangers of staying outside too long in cold weather and to ensure they have safe and warm places to go. The alert is in effect until further notice. An Extreme Cold Weather Alert is called to trigger additional homelessness services. Alerts are typically called in the morning for the coming overnight period so that community agencies have sufficient time to call in extra staff to provide enhanced services."

"During an Extreme Cold Weather Alert, the attention of service providers focuses on helping homeless people to get off the street and into shelter or street respite. It is dangerous for anyone to remain outdoors when the temperature plummets, and if you are homeless, you have fewer options. Outreach workers, drop in centres, and emergency shelters work together to make sure homeless people have warm and safe places to stay. An Extreme Cold Weather Alert is called, typically in the morning, when Environment Canada: Predicts an overnight temperature of -15 degrees Celsius or lower without wind chill for Toronto, issues a wind chill warning for outdoor activity, and/or predicts extreme weather conditions, such as a blizzard, ice storm or sudden drops in temperature."

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