Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FIVE GUYS Burgers and Fries

Big greasy burgers topped full of the works is served up at the Five Guys restaurant on the east side of Yonge Street, just north of Dundas Street. The burger diner is not very wide, dressed in white and red and bags of potatoes make a path up to the cash registers. I finally checked it out because the lineup was smaller than usual and I got over my fear of their price, seven bucks for a burger. You can save some coin and get a 'little' burger that has only one patty.
Seven bucks, cripes I thought it might come with fries for that price, but no, tough luck my friend. A regular pop was over $2 and fries $4. Not knowing what to expect I decided on the basic burger and a drink. With tax it was just a touch over $10. They give you a number so you don't have to try to join a queue, which Canadians really aren't that good at anyway, just wait for your number to be called. I watched them cook up the fresh beef (that have no fillers or preservatives) on the big flat top grill.
When the burger all wrapped up in silver I opened it up and discovered that the burger comes with two patties and when the works are placed in the mix (all toppings are free) the overall size is pretty big, so I can see why the burger is a little more expensive than a Burger King burger. Some of the more state of the art toppings are grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and you can also special order Jalapeno Peppers and Green Peppers. It was like eating an explosion of beef and toppings. The whole thing falls apart faster than you can shovel it into your mouth. I used a fork to eat the stuff that was ejected from the burger. But it was a greasy goodness of food.
The simple menu includes burgers, dogs, sandwiches and fries (Five Guys style or Cajun style). 

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