Saturday, January 19, 2013

Idle No More against the SUN

Accusing the #Toronto Sun of racism the Idle No More members head from St James Park to the Sun's King Street East office where SUN News commentator Ezra Levant came out to interview the protesters. People chanted that he was a "racist" or a "douche" and many yelled to interrupt the interviews as he talked to the crowd.
Ezra Levant holds a SUN News microphone
Asked to leave the protest at the SUN building

The police took Ezra to the side and asked him to leave, whereupon he said that he was calm and not breaking any law. The protesters said that Ezra was promoting hate and should be arrested. After the police request for him to leave, he asked if he began to yell would the police escort the protesters away? He then stated that if they wanted to arrest him, to go ahead and then he returned to the microphone interviews. Once people began to talk to Ezra some of the protesters broke into the conversation and said "ok, that's enough" to stop the interviews.

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more of the protest after the jump.

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