Saturday, January 26, 2013

Protest at #Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens

Ha, it wasn't a protest about the long NHL lockout, it was a protest against the Ontario Liberal Party and their Bill 115 as the delegate met to elect a new provincial leader at the Liberal leadership convention held inside the old home of the NHL Maple Leafs. Police brought their horses, protesters brought their flags and signs (and an elephant) while the media flew in some choppers for a birds eye view. Teachers schooled the politicians and asked them to write lines on the chalkboard after class - detention was served.

See CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan as she covers the event on my blog post here.
 A paper mache Premier Dalton McGuinty caricature is hoisted high in the air

The 1:00 pm mass rally was organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour as part of a campaign to defend democratic and economic rights of workers and citizens. Long lines of buses,some of them even school buses, filled both sides of many nearby streets as many were bused in to participate in the event. The Saturday January 26, 2013 gathering outside the Liberal leadership convention quickly lost steam when the bell rang 3 pm.
Police horses were stationed on Yonge Street and Church Streets
An elephant marches away from the Gardens
A small group of Anarchists joined the protest: "Austerity is class war, eat the rich, feed the poor". Sounds plausible for a soylent green society of the future.
Police and temporary fences separated the demonstration from the delegates
The "My work here is done" poster showing Dwight with a forest of wind turbines in the devastated wasteland that I presume is a representation of Ontario.

See more signs after the jump.

The march turns from Yonge Street onto Carlton Street
A line of yellow jacketed bicycle police keep the demonstration contained to certain streets

CUPE's purple elephant suggests that members will "fight for rights and won't forget".
"Good Jobs, Not Cuts"

Mounted police on Yonge Street
Liberals must have been comforted with all the red hats, scarves and signs

A line of mounted police look south on Church Street towards the demonstration
Zelda Nista No BSL
James in front of the cute ponies (photo by Fresh Joe)

Super CUPE gets interviewed

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