Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reporter Cynthia Mulligan at the Gardens

CityNEWS #Toronto reporter @CityCynthia reports from Carlton Street in front of Maple Leaf Gardens as thousands of demonstrators marched to Maple Leaf Gardens on Saturday, January 26, 2013. The Liberal leadership convention taking place inside becomes the focal point of teacher's anger over Bill 115 which set aside union negotiations and replaced them with imposed contracts. You can see more of the protest on my blog post here.
While delegates inside pick a new party leader and Provincial Premier, the unions and their supporters flood the area and the police closed down several streets within the downtown core.

Update 15 November 2016: my posts on Cynthia Mulligan have had a lot of traffic after comic and host Mike Bullard was charged with criminal harassment of the reporter. Mike left his Newstalk 1010 gig on October 5th after he was charged. He is reported to have said that he didn't stalk or harass Cynthia whom he dad dated in the past.

Check out the various places we have seen the media personality work her broadcast magic as she keeps the city informed: and

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