Friday, June 08, 2012

@Luminato: aMAZEd at Brookfield

The writing was on the wall floor of the long hall of Brookfield Place in #Toronto during the 2012 edition of Luminato as aMAZEd by Blue Republic told a story with text and colours.
Large scale text pieces are laid down across the width of Allen Lambert Galleria. "The work is at the same time in people's faces, but also part of the architecture, can be walked on, touched, looked at, or disregarded. But the huge letters and bold colours of the work almost look back at each passing visitor."
The temporary words and letters are both giant and hard to distinguish at the same time. Small words like TO are easy enough to see, while longer text groups require more work to decode. The work is therefore correctly described with MAZE in the title, you have to find the order and meaning of the words.

See more words after the jump.


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