Tuesday, June 12, 2012

@Luminato: Windscape at Pecaut Square

Luminato's visual art installation named Windscape at The Metro #Toronto Hall David Pecaut Square captures the wind that flows through the canyon of high rise towers. Or when that wind dies the windsocks come with their own fans. On the outer limits of the square is a large blue streamer that also surrounds the free Luminato concert stage.

 "Residing at Windscape’s centre is an array of animatronic fans and windsocks. Created in collaboration with artist Mitchell F. Chan, these programmable, interactive sculptures swivel and rotate, swell and deflate, all while changing in colour and intensity in response to live music. The result is an ever-evolving mechanized ballet of colour and light. The windsocks also function like a clock, with special choreography every hour that further enhances the musical experiences. Diamond Schmitt’s Windscape can be experienced at David Pecaut Square throughout Luminato’s 10 days."

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