Saturday, June 09, 2012

@Luminato: Encampment at Fort York

The War of 1812 tents came with nightlights. It was a brilliant Luminato installation and kept us at Fort York for a couple of hours. The regiment of tents, in rigid lines and in crisp white, drew attention from outside and within the tents. The lanterns were solar powered (there was a small solar collector mounted on the peak of the tent) and at night the light lit the tent - you could see the small dots from outside the tents.
"A unique form of archaeology turns a historic site into sculpture on a grand scale, vividly evoking the War of 1812’s personal toll. Conceived as a “temporal village” marking the bicentennial of the war of 1812, The Encampment comprises 200 A-frame tents pitched on the grounds of Fort York, which fell to U.S. forces during the war. Each tent contains an installation by one of 100 artistic collaborators who have created a visual representation of an aspect of the war’s civilian history, gleaned from research into real-life stories of family, love, loss, survival, patriotism, collaboration and betrayal."

It was interesting exploring the symmetry of the installation along with the search for artistic treasure within the 200 tents. Each tent held memories of stories from individuals living during the War of 1812. This was a Thom Sokoloski and Jenny-Anne McCowan work produced by Sherrie Johnson Productions.

See more photos after the jump.

The historic fort walls surround the art installation and in turn the fort is surrounded by a large metropolitan cityscape.

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