Friday, May 26, 2017

Putting the H20 into HTO Park

The increased water levels in Lake Ontario aren't only affecting the Toronto Islands they have impacted harbourfront along Queens Quay. So far the water has closed off part of the urban beach HTO Park and brought the waves onto the wave decks. If it keeps going, by my terrible calculations, it should be up to the observation deck of the CN Tower soon (I will recheck my numbers later).
The Spadina Wavedeck

You can also find some Tiki Taxi's parked in the docks as most of their business has dried up with the closing of the Toronto Islands to all but residents of Ward's Island. The Canoe and Kayak club doesn't have to use a ramp anymore, the dock is level with the concrete wharf. Unfortunately the rain is still in the forecast.

See more moist pictures after the jump.

Tiki Taxis at rest
Along the path adjacent to the Toronto Music Garden and the Marina

You will need a boat to get to the rescue equipment
The Simcoe Wavedeck droops in the middle

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