Friday, May 26, 2017

OPA Provincial Championships at the @TOProSupershow 2017

Canada's largest fitness expo is back and before the doors open on the May 27-28 show the judging has already started and there are lots of muscles. OPA is the Ontario Physique Association which is the province's governing body recognized by the CBBF and IFBB for bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini events. See the IFBB judging competitions on my post here.
The OPA holds over 20 events per year in Ontario making it and it's members the largest physique organizations in Canada. The age classes are Junior (under 21, 23 for Naturals), Masters Men (40+), Grand Masters Men (50+), Masters Women (35+), Grand Masters Women (45+) and Seniors. They also have divisions based on height and weight. Physique competitors wear black trunks, bodybuilders use the more colourful swim briefs, Mens fitness wear surf shorts and the women wear sparkly bikinis. Bodybuilding and Physique posing requires five mandatory poses; front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps, abdominals and thighs and favourite classic post.

Down in the John Bassett Theatre competitors in bodybuilding, physique, fitness and bikini categories take to the stage and strike a pose as determined by the judges. There were so many divisions and competitions that the event, which started at 3pm, lasted until around midnight.

The finals are in the theatre on Saturday starting at 9 am, just before the IFBB Pro Men's Open Bodybuilding judging and the Olympia Qualifier finals which begins at 6 pm.

At the expo main stage starting at 9:15 am on Saturday is the initial IFBB judging for Fitness, Bikini, Physique and Bodybuilding.

See more muscles after the jump.

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