Saturday, May 06, 2017

Toronto GMM 2017

Squeezed in by large puddles, attendance a little down due to the almost continuous rainfall that has kept people indoors, the Global Marijuana March started in Queen's Park - not in the famous legislature building, no, it was in the park north of the Park. The gathering started at High Noon and the parade set out at 2pm and it happens rain or shine and for a couple of hours the heavens held back the rain and the parade kept dry. While the rally attendance was sparse during the initial setup the people flooded into the area as the countdown to the walk got closer.
"The 19th annual Toronto Global Marijuana March (GMM) is set for Saturday, May 6th, 2017 in well over 100 cities across the globe! The Toronto GMM is one of the world’s largest marijuana marches attracting upwards of 20,000+ medical and recreational cannabis supporters and enthusiasts to downtown Toronto. The GMM crowd gathers behind the provincial Queen’s Park legislature at HIGH NOON before the parade at 2pm north of the park. The peaceful celebration has never had an arrest in the event’s 19 year history. The GMM is the City’s largest spring outdoor gatherings generating millions of dollars to the local economy."
The route led north out of the park, east on Bloor Street, south on Yonge Street and returned to the park via Wellesley Street escorted by bicycle police and with streets blocked by police cruisers. Before and after the march visitors could wander the area nearest the bronze statue of a king on a horse (probably from Game of Thrones). Besides the long line of food trucks were vendors offering a significant amount of MJ in many forms. It is slightly uncivilized as there are no portable bathrooms set up in the park so you have to wander for some distance to find a bathroom in a store.
Jodie holding sign "No More Marijuana Arrests"

Cannabis Culture presented the 2017 GMM and the grand marshal was Jodie Emery. Both Jodie and Marc Emery were on hand at the gathering and met and posed for photos with many of the attendees.
Marc Emery

See more of the park and march after the jump.
Green Market Toronto

Fluffy Clouds Smoke Shop

The balloons were from Lift
Marijuana art 
Aquaflirts from Oasis Aqualounge

Mother Earth Medicinal
"No Prison for Pot" sign
Shutting down Yonge Street ahead of the march
Bicycle police lead the march south on Yonge Street
The first marcher was on a skateboard ahead of the pack

Marc is in the blue hockey jersey
Jodie with her handcuff sign

The tail end of the march
Heading back to the park

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