Saturday, July 06, 2013

Steve Hofstetter comedy at Hard Rock

While the @HardRockToronto screwed up their headline star's name @SteveHofstetter on the event calendar, it would be hard not to take to heart the comedians claim that he hates people, probably more so for people that make screwed up signs! He might not like us much, but the crowd loved the tall comedian who is based in Los Angeles. He made the flight up from the States to entertain us while his country went crazy with Independence Day celebrations on the 4th of July. My wife and I loved the show and it was cool going up to the second floor of the Yonge Street restaurant.
His bits about fighting with an airline stewardess over a pillow and face mask is hilarious. Delving into current affairs brought out his Snowden parody and his support of gay marriage. Definitely worth going to see so check him out if you can.

They sent me an email after I attended the show and it is a good place to start to find more information about the comedian.


We wanted to thank you for spending a night at a Steve Hofstetter show. We hope you had a wonderful time, and look forward to seeing you again soon! Your support certainly does not go unnoticed. If you enjoyed the show, please tell your friends, post on Facebook, etc - the more people in a market excited about a show, the sooner he'll schedule another one!

If you'd like to continue interacting with Steve, here's how: (subscribe for free videos!) (With live Google Hangouts!)

And if you'd like to purchase any CDs or T-Shirts, visit

Thank you!
The Team at

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