Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Budweiser thanks the Designated Driver

As a lover of the golden brew I read with interest the Ipsos Reid research that points to an ever increasing use and acceptance of designated drivers (DD) by young adult Canadians. The Budweiser sponsored research shows a large majority have traveled home with a designated driver and even volunteered to be a designated driver - a great achievement in the more than 30 years since the DD campaign began. If you are a designated driver you are a superhero - just like Supergirl pictured here.
See Budweiser thank a designated driver in the YouTube video above

Ipsos Reid says “This is the first time in our research that we’ve seen a strong congruency of feelings between designated drivers and passengers – there is a strong, shared empathy and support for the concept of designated driving.” Major findings of the survey follow.

From the Designated Drivers

· Of the 78% of respondents who have been designated drivers over the past three years, they’ve done so an average of 19.3 times
· 93% agree (59% strongly agree; 34% somewhat agree) that they want to protect their friends by being a designated driver
· 87% agree (44% strongly agree; 43% somewhat agree) that when they are a designated driver it’s because they want to protect their community
· Only 55% of respondents agree that designated drivers get enough credit for the service they perform

“Does this mean the problem of drinking and driving has been effectively solved? Unfortunately not,” said Wright. “But what it does indicate is that there has been a major shift over the past generation in the way young people view designated driving – from something they ‘should’ do to something the majority do as a matter of course and public safety.”

What young adults had to say

· 93% agree (50% strongly agree; 42% somewhat agree) that our communities need more designated drivers
· 89% agree (45% strongly agree; 44% somewhat agree) that designated drivers make a difference in their community, similar to those who volunteer to clean up a local park or help out a food bank
· 85% agree (39% strongly agree; 47% somewhat agree) that if designated drivers got more credit for what they do, more people would volunteer to be one

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