Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter car crashes

Driving in Ontario means driving with snow, slush and ice and typically the darn windshield wipers either don't work worth a crap, or the glass juice is frozen solid. You have to dodge flying chunks of ice from trucks, drive down a road that, if you are lucky, has at least has two ruts where tires have worn away the snow and then you have to worry about everyone else on the road. The winter months have the highest amounts of collisions in Ontario - especially December and January.
And then out of the blue someone goes across multiple lanes of traffic and clips several cars along the way. This one didn't look to bad: three cars in total coming to rest against snow and the median barrier. The SUV up the road had a demolished rear panel. You can see the skid marks with the car almost taking a 90 degree run across Highway 401 as it crossed the road from the fast lane to slow lane. Odds are they either hit an icy patch, lost control and over corrected or someone might have pitted them while making an unsafe lane change (ran off road or skidding and sliding are the top other events for collisions).
Traffic slows down as people get out of the way of the carnage on the road. Traffic will get worse when the EMS shows up, along with the multiple tow trucks.

Later on that same day we came across and accident at a busy intersection involving multiple vehicles. Be safe out there Toronto and remember to always have car insurance Ontario.

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