Sunday, February 03, 2013

Visual arts: True North

Seven artists have created works that investigate the notion of the Canadian north. The art is on display at Harbourfront Centre until Sunday, April 14, 2013. Patrick Macaulay curates the works from artists Kim Dorland, David R Harper, Catherine Lane, Lisa Myers, Luke Painter, David Trautrimas and Douglas Walker. "Rather than claiming to give definitive answers to the notion of the 'true north' these artists illustrate an array of perspectives investigating the myth, imagined and lived experiences."
The Gathering (2009) by David R Harper. Five of the front ends of deer, with portraits on the end. It speaks to me of the commercial nature of Christmas. After the holidays everything is half off!
ONE EMPIRE WIDE: Ice fishing huts reinterpreted as architectural models by David Trautrimas. The silver hut above is titled 'The Tear Drop'.
Twenty of the little structures on skis have been created
Kim Dorlands collection of oil paintings
Catherine Lane 'NASA Figure in Snow' (2013)
The Barn (2012-2013) by Catherine Lane

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