Friday, February 22, 2013

Union Station Revitilization

#Toronto Union Station revitalization is happening at both the major multimodal commuter rail hub and the adjacent TTC station. The train tracks will have an award winning glass atrium that will let in natural light. The train yard currently looks like an old, dark barn that is falling apart while the higher glass building has started to take shape. Now more of the old roof has been ripped away, leaving parts of the old steel truss and some concrete roof joints exposed to the sky. They are taking care to preserve some of the century-old building's historical elements.
The TTC stop will be getting a second platform and to do the work Front Street has been slowly ripped apart to expose the underground layers and to relocate existing underground utilities and the entrance between the stations has slowly been reduced. Many thousands of passengers have been crammed together  to do the shuffle slow step, squeezed together to go through the doors and into the underground PATH system (especially in winter when so many keep underground). You can tell you are in a train station because  even the graffiti is themed to fit in with the rail motif.
The train station work will cost over $600 million and will take until 2015 to fully complete.
The no smoking sign in elevator No 1 which leads to track 3 has been modified to include a train

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