Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Abandoned #Toronto

Our fair city has a few derelict, empty structures that wait for demolition or possibly even another life as a useful building. We have seen the makeover of the old Brickworks which is now the Evergreen Brick Works which is now a community environmental centre. Still awaiting its fate is the old Loblaws warehouse at the northeast corner of Lake Shore and Bathurst. The old building has architectural features along the roofline that are banded together to keep them from falling apart and raining down on the sidewalk and property below.
Loblaws was planning on demolishing the building, which opened in 1928, but the permit was not approved by the City who wanted the facade to be saved. The great thing is that the temporarily derelict property is being fought over and the site will not be derelict forever.
"1928 - Loblaws Groceterias expands throughout Ontario and into New York State, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois. With 69 stores, a new state-of-the-art Loblaw Head Office and Warehouse is unveiled at Fleet and Bathurst streets, along today's Lake Shore Blvd, Toronto. Hailed as a model of efficency, the Loblaw Warehouse includes its own electric tram railway, giant ovens for baking a ton of cakes and cookies a day, huge drums for blending tea, and 22 thousand feet of pipes for refrigeration. Warehouse employees have their own bowling lanes and an auditorium for putting on plays."

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