Saturday, February 16, 2013

Overcome Family Issues

Psychiatrist Gary Malone offers tips to overcome common issues, many of which are created by the family. “Almost all of us deal with this to some degree or another. Very few families are idyllic,” says Malone, a distinguished fellow in the American Psychiatric Association, and coauthor with his sister Susan Mary Malone of “What’s Wrong with My Family?" He says that normal families are closer to the Twilight Zone than the those found in Leave it to Beaver. Posters for Metropolis and a Psychiatric Hospital Documentary are posted around Toronto, shown in photo at top.

Recognizing problems from childhood and dealing with them allows most of us to a happy and productive adulthood, as well as helping us to raise children of our own. Gary says that a healthy family shows love, respects autonomy and creates structure and boundaries.

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