Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blizzardzilla 2011 - Snow crushes Toronto

OMG - the snow falls, nay rages, as I write this post. We will surely see the end of days as the white fluffy snow accumulates an outstanding 5 to 10 cm today. 5 to 10! We may as well get rid of our cars and all buy snowmobiles because they could never get rid of this amount of snow. Ever.
Nothing left but to count the weekends until you head out on a vacation - maybe a flight to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean or maybe a cruise around the Mediterrean, or wait until the warmth and the sun return back to Toronto in Springzilla 2011. Now that's a lot of zillas. Contact your favourite travel agent and start booking now.
You can also count the events that are coming up in the next few weekends - the Toronto Boat Show (now), the Canadian Motorsports Expo CME (next weekend Jan 21-23), the Toronto Travel Show on the last weekend of Jan 29-30) and in the first weekend of February, that dreary cold month, is an event that will warm you up for the rest of winter. REAL WOMEN, REAL HITS, REAL HEART and lingerie - the Toronto Roller Derby Season Opener on Feb 5, 2011. (Don't forget to help save the 101 Downsview Park TTC Bus).

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