Saturday, January 08, 2011

Protest for Public Inquiry into Toronto G20 Summit

The loss of our rights and freedoms that happened during the G20 Summit held in Toronto during the month of June 2010 was especially noticeable with the mass searches, detentions, arrests and violence that took place during the gathering of select world leaders. A number of people would like a public inquiry into the events that led to such police actions and on Saturday, January 8, 2011 and so they gathered at Queens Park to press forward their request. 

The numbers were relatively small and while they gathered on University Street at the foot of the provincial legislature they soon decided to march along Toronto's streets and headed off with a large contingent of police providing escort and traffic safety duty. The key destination was to be the Toronto Police Headquarters to call for the Chief's removal and then to return to Queens Park.

I think that not a lot of people are behind the G20 protesters or their call for a public inquiry. Many voices seem to think that those who were protesting deserved the loss of freedom and whatever else happened to them at the hands of the police. I do know that it was only through the public and media documentation in pictures and video that have helped to right some of the wrongs suffered by so many and also hopefully catch many of the black bloc protesters that caused so much damage.
Doug helps to coordinate the protest march details with the police.
Press for Truth's Dan Dicks at Queens Park to document the ongoing G20 Summit fallout. His G20 coverage documented much of the activities that showed the attack on the public's rights and freedoms that occurred during the summit.
Cheri DiNovo, MPP for ParkDale - High Park addresses the crowd and reporters on the front lawn of Queens Park. She calls for an inquiry to "hold those people accountable".

Cheri DiNovo, MPP

Courtney Winkels (right and below) made famous for her confrontation with "Officer Bubbles" attends the protest and provides plenty of bubbles during the day. She of course blew bubbles during the weekend of the G20 Summit and the police constable threatened her with arrest for assault if one of the bubbles touched him.
See more photos of the protest and the march through the streets of Toronto with a stop at Toronto Police Headquarters - after the jump.

Protesters head north on Yonge Street.
Protesters temporarily occupy the intersection of Yonge and College Streets.
A large contingent of protesters wanted Police Chief Bill Blair to resign. The group marched through the streets to deliver the message right to the headquarters of the Toronto Police Department.

Heading back into Queens Park.
The police escort as the protest march gets close to Yonge Dundas.
Toronto Bike Police bicycles help to form a barrier at the entrance to the legislature.

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