Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking down Bay Street

Bay Street is the heart of Toronto's financial district, a mixture of old buildings or skyscrapers with a few suits and ties walking around. You can't go very far before tripping over some investment banker or a lawyer ready to sue you for tripping over them. I was surprised to find out that Bay Street used to be called Bear Street because, believe it or not, they used to see bears around the area many moons ago.
I think when they built the road they wanted to have it go right through old City Hall, just to show who was boss, but instead they built a jog in the road around the old Credit Valley Stone stucture at Queen Street. These pictures were taken from the steps of old City Hall looking south towards Lake Ontario, just past the row of condos, the railway structure over Bay Street and the Gardiner Expressway.
The section of Bay from Queen Street to Union Station is one of the most popular locations for the homeless. Several seem to live permanently at the busy intersection and in the winter the stacks of sleeping bags help to keep them warm. There are a number of Toronto resources, and organizations like the Salvation Army, who to try to help those who live on the streets.

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