Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ducks in James Gardens

James Gardens Park is gorgeous in spring, summer and fall, in the winter it is cold but still full of life. As the ducks gather around the spring fed ponds and foot bridges waiting for food handouts and running from dogs. As dropping winter temperatures freeze standing water the warmer moving water from underground springs keeps part of the ponds ice free. It makes a furious free for all when all the ducks try to get into the small space when they are spooked. If you are in the middle of the birds when they take off in mass heading for the water you immediately become surrounded by hundreds of flapping wings and beaten by the wind they generate as they take flight - it is quite a feeling.

You can walk many trails including one that runs along the bank of the Humber River and it is popular for wedding photos (but you will need to get a permit). Near Dundas and Royal York the scenery is worth the visit.

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