Sunday, July 25, 2010

The War of 1812

The last time America was really mad at us we had the War of 1812. British, Canadian and American soldiers and native Indians made war on each other across a lot of southern Ontario, on land and on water. In Toronto we have the great old Fort York which is a historical military museum of the period - a period where York was captured by the Americans. Here is a shot of Fort York taken from high above on the Gardiner Expressway.

I also discovered that the war carried on up in Wasaga Beach where a supply ship called the Nancy was hiding from the Americans in the Nottawasaga River. The mast of the ship was seen by the Americans who attacked the vessel. The Empire sailors abandoned ship and set fire to it before the enemy could capture it's stores. That ship burned down to the waterline and over a period of many years the wreckage caused an island to form Nancy Island which is now home to the Nancy Island Historic Site. The re-enactors set up a large encampment for the three day's of fun and excitement.

Every year they re-enact the events leading to the sinking of the Nancy on the sandy beach during the Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada's Wasaga Under Seige. There was even a small sloop trading cannon balls with a Tall Ship a little ways off the beach.

See more pictures after the jump.

While in Wasaga Beach you can also enjoy the world's longest freshwater beach. You can walk on the boardwalk, check out the strip driving along the beach or see the peeps enjoying the weather and water.

During my stay I found some girls on a bachelorette party - they needed the bride to be to squeeze the ass of a stranger so I volunteered my ass.

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