Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dyke March & Pride Parade - Celebrating Pride in Toronto

This is the weekend for Pride Parades - Friday, July 2 was the Trans March, Saturday, July 3 is the Dyke March and Sunday, July 4 is the Pride Parade. At 2pm the Dyke March starts at Church and Hayden, heads west on Bloor and down Yonge Street. They turn east on Wood Street and finish back at Church Street.
Church Street is shut down between Carlton and Bloor and a big street festival is held, full of vendors and people supporting the parade and the people in the parade.
The Dykes on Bikes start the parade, revving their motorcycles until the parade is ready to go.
See more pictures after the jump.

The Pride Website says "Pride Toronto, as the organizer of the Pride Parade, encourages everyone to have an open, tolerant and supportive attitude. This year our theme is about "Celebrating 30 years of Pride in Toronto"; all participants are encouraged to incorporate this theme into their messaging, to be supportive of the celebration of Pride, and the queer community as a whole.
After all, the parade is not only about Pride in your community, but celebrating diversity and the variety of life in Toronto while respecting subtle differences amongst its citizens and visitors, and creating an inclusive experience for all."

Update: The boys in green bathing suits were out at the 2011 Street Festival. Check out more of my Pride 2011 post here.

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