Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just for Laughs - Russell Peters

The WestJet Friday night Just for Laughs Gala at Massey Hall was hosted by Russell Peters, pictured above, after Garry Shandling backed out. As soon as I heard that Russell was hosting the show I arranged to get tickets. I attended the 9:30pm show which also featured Lavell Crawford, Jim Breuer, Noel Fielding and Tom Papa. I laughed my ass off - what a great night of fun.
Lineups start at the entrance to Massey Hall and stretch out to Yonge Street and then head south.
Besides the comedy gold of Russell Peters, comedian Jim Breuer of the movie "Half Baked" had me laughing the hardest at times with his impressions of his kids and Tom Papa of the television show "The Marriage Ref" was the most consistently funny. I pictured Tom as the bland guy television host but his jokes about marriage and relationships were both true and extremely funny. England's Noel Fielding was a little lacking although his bit about whispering was funny. In the photos below Russell welcomes Lavell into the spotlight while Tom salutes the crowd.

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Anonymous said...

Is this going to be on tv and if so when and what network?

Anonymous said...

Is this going to be broadcasted on tv if so when and what network thanks

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