Wednesday, July 14, 2010

News people - they are everywhere

With all the events going on around the Honda Indy Toronto there has been a lot of news people around. We found Michael Kuss who is the meteoroligist from CityTV. He is so cute and fuzzy that you don't feel bad if he says that a storm is coming.

Former police sergeant Cam Woolley from CP24 (pictured on the right) was found doing an interview with Andre Azzi at the square.
Overlooking the square on the new digs of CityTV was Gord Martineau, anchor of the CityTV News At 6, doing a live broadcast. You can see him beside the bright light to the right while his big mug is on the large screen to the left.
And speaking of celebrities here is Jessie Sulidis who was a Bachelorettes and is an ET Canada Correspondent - shown here signing autographs.

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