Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toronto Runs, Walks and Rides for Charity

Toronto is generous in it's support of charities and hosts quite a few run, walk or ride events to raise money to find the cure for so many things or to help others. Not only do the purse or wallets come out but so do the caring people that actually have to do all the running, walking or biking. The pictures here show the crowds at the 2006 CIBC Run for the Cure filling Nathan Phillips Square.

Some of the events are wickedly unusual and require a lot of courage just to take part in - like the Underwear Affair and the Walk and Mile In Her Shoes.

Toronto, get ready for:

Run for the Ride - Cancer (April)
Father's Day Walk/Run - Prostate Cancer(June)
Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart (June)
Ride to Conquer Cancer - (June)
Heel 'n' Wheel-a-thon - Crohn's and Colitis (June)
Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes - Juvenile Diabetes (June)
Rick Hanson: Wheels in Motion - Spinal Cord Injury (June)
Walk Now for Autism (June)
Underwear Affair - Cancer below the waist (August)
Terry Fox Run - Cancer (September)
Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women's Cancer (September)
CIBC Run for the Cure - Breast Cancer (October)

There is also Polo for Heart - Heart and Stroke (June) and many golf tournaments around the city for charity so there are plenty of ways to get active or help others financially.

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