Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Urban Jungle

Toronto has so many neighbourhoods and flavours that it is hard to believe that so much is contained within such a relatively small footprint. In the highly concentrated downtown urban core we see a few of our antique buildings standing proud beside tall, glass towers. Land is too valuable for many plants but some grass, trees and gardens do add some nice colour - like at the Toronto Dominion Tower, pictured above.

Old City Hall sits right beside the Eaton Centre and one of those glass towers. There was a lot of work going on in the front yard of the Hall over the last couple of weeks and the construction fences have just come down. I think they were putting in the power feeds to the new batman spotlight on top of the roof, ready for when the Commissioner needs to get in contact with the caped crusader. They also straightened the sign while they were at it.

There was also a few boats along Bay Street in case someone had a few thousand dollars burning a hole in their pockets. All you would have to do is point the trailer downhill and you could roll right down to Lake Ontario.

PS the fountain in Nathan Phillips Square is back in action for the season.

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