Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens

TVtropolis’ host of TV with TV’s Jonathan Torrens was out in Toronto doing some interviews with his crew when I broke in between filming and asked for a photo – he was happy to oblige.  He even asked me to do an interview but I had to decline.


I remember watching him when he was the young co-host of Street Cents – which was a great show. It was funny and a little off beat which made for good entertainment. Born in PEI, Jonathon has moved on from Street Cents and did quite a few acting jobs including his own show Jonovision, appearances as J-Roc on the series Trailer Park Boys and now with his own series again. Even his commercials are funny so I was happy to run into him today. He said we don’t have too many celebrities in Canada but I think he is one.


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