Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Concerts at the ACC

My daughter joined a lot of young ladies at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) to watch the April 5 Hedley concert and they had a great time - I was surprised they still had their voices after their night of screaming and singing. The opening acts were Boys Like Girls, Fefe Dobson and the Stereos. Here are some pictures of the band Hedley by Erin Hamilton - she loves Jacob Hoggard, the lead singer.

The Centre is located south of Union Station at the corner of Lakeshore and Bay Street and is easily accessible by the GO Train/Bus, subway, TTC, highway and walking. We parked at Lakeshore and Yonge Street and walked two blocks over to the Bay Street and the ACC.

The sound and the sightlines are just fine for concerts and I have been to a few concerts there myself - even in the seats behind the stage. I try to avoid the floor seats because a lot of people tend to leave their seats and stand at the base of the stage, then everyone else stands and you can't see anything. At least if people stand along the sides of the building the slope of the seats still allow for good visibility. Here is a link to a seating map.

We watched the girls go into the building then went walking around the area while they were enjoying the concert. The building is wedged between the downtown core of office towers and the Gardiner Expressway and is just a few minutes walk south down to the Lake where you can find the Toronto Ferry Docks and Captain John's floating restaurant.

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