Monday, April 19, 2010

Icelandair - the ironic advertisement

So I was on the subway today, enjoying the close proximity of other city dwellers on the TTC, when I noticed that one of the overhead ads was for Icelandair - the airway of Iceland. It features a guy mostly submerged in a large, outdoor hot spring, his face caked in healing mud while in the backgroud the hot spring shoots hot steam into the air. It's like having an ad in the subway saying that the TTC Chairman is a loyal, one woman man. Even better, underneath the Iceland poster is a TTC sign saying save transit.

Unfortunately that totally unpronounceable volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajökull - like what is that name?) seems to have erupted and over the last couple of days has shut down most flights in Europe due to the volcanic ash. And if the Big E starts to shut down they worry about it's big brother - the volcano Katla, which tends to blow shortly after Big E. Icelandair currently has a sign on their webpage - Notice: Flight disruptions due to volcanic activity in Iceland, it might get a lot worse if Katla blows.

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