Sunday, April 11, 2010

Toronto International Airport - watching the planes

Many people are fascinated with the large jet planes that take us around the world on exotic journeys and vacations and we are lucky to have the Toronto International Airport (Airport Code: YYZ) in our own backyard.

On streets and parking lots around the airport you can usually find plenty of cars and people, called Airplane Watchers or Plane Spotters, looking or photographing the planes land and takeoff. Airport Road has a number of places such as Wendys Restaurant (Airport at Orlando - just south of Derry Road) which are right under or near the flight path of approaching planes. Many locations along the street are no parking or no stopping to discourage people from Plane Spotting.

As the planes start to come in you can see them lined up waiting, lights on, for their turn to touch down with a puff of smoke as their tires hit the runway. Even if you are not a die hard plane fan it is still fun to watch the big planes take off or land just over your head.

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