Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Planted Expo Toronto coming in March 2024

Vegans don't eat animals or use products derived from animals and as we learn about the damage to the planet from harvesting animals it is becoming easier to find products made specifically for vegans and vegetarians. In March 23 to 24, 2024 you can visit the Planted Expo at the Enercare Centre in Exhibition Place, Toronto where you will find an inclusive, informative and welcoming event which celebrates the plant based lifestyle; "North America's biggest, most juicy, most epic plant-based event of the year!"

The University of Colorado Boulder estimates that nearly 15% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are produced through the practice of raising livestock for human consumption. In addition to using so much agricultural land it also contributes to deforestation and water pollution.

From the planted expo webpage, "Don’t miss out on North America's largest plant-based event of the year! Discover the future of plant-based products at Planted Expo, designed exclusively for truly supporting, informing, and sharing sustainable plant-based brands. Exhibiting over 200 edible AND lifestyle brands look forward to trying delicious vegan products and hearing from insightful, informative, inspirational speakers from around the world. Sustainability is an important mission for Planted Expo 2024, and we hope to showcase plant-based brands that will change your life!"

The two-day weekend show runs from 10am till 5pm and you can find the lounge, stage and fun zone on the far side of the Enercare Centre from the welcome centre as well as over 200 vegan lifestyle vendors.

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