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Fun in Punta Cana Dominican Republic

I went on vacation in November to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and it definitively has beautiful beaches and lovely scenery. The ocean water is a little rough (red flagged each day) but it had very little seaweed so that was cool, temperatures were nice and warm and there was a some rain throughout the week. A vendor sells sunglasses along the beach in the photo at top.
Some views along the beach
Perfect for long walks along the beach
The resort was very close to the Punta Cana airport and the sand was very fine - almost silt in some cases and it was easy to sink into the sand when you walked, it also got in everything and everywhere.
We also went on a cultural tour which I really enjoyed along with the largest church on the island as well as a family plantation and a public beach. 
Basilica Nuestra SeƱora De La Altagracia

A typical residence in Punta Cana
Baby bananas and teen bananas

I love the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic but unfortunately you are always told to stay away from the towns and cities due to safety concerns (unless you are on an organized tour). On the route to the hotel you pass concrete buildings with so much metal bars, fences and barbed wire that really doesn't promote pedestrian travel. We are looking at vacation in Cuba in 2024 as it is supposed to be relatively safe in daytime to wander around - does anyone have any recommendations that they want to share on that island?

If anyone is curious about our resort check out the photos after the jump.

The resort was the Occidental Caribe, booked through Air Transat, just a few properties away from the Hard Rock near the beginning of the strip. It was very beautiful, good food, great service and all around nice vacation. Entertainment was provided both in the hotel and around the pools with a fun foam party once a week.

Foam party in the pool

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