Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Old Toronto political paraphernalia

I still have an old Rob Ford for Toronto Mayor magnetic card from some event that happened some time ago. Spoiler, he did become the mayor and as I recall it was a pretty uneventful term in office! Just kidding, here is a CBC article on his top ten unforgettable moments.

Next to the magnet is a business card for a young Olivia Chow when she was a Member of Parliament. She has since become the current Mayor of Toronto. Here is some info on Ms Chow from the City of Toronto, "In 2006, Olivia was elected as the Member of Parliament for Trinity—Spadina and was reelected twice, serving until 2014. While an opposition MP, she introduced an Early Learning and Child Care bill which laid the legislative foundation for a universal, high quality, affordable and non-profit national childcare program. Her bill on a National Public Transit Strategy was widely celebrated by mayors and municipalities from coast to coast.

After leaving federal politics, Olivia wrote “My Journey”, a book of memoirs chronicling her inspiring life story. In 2015, she joined Toronto Metropolitan University as a Distinguished Visiting Professor where her work focused on community engagement and leadership development. In 2016, she founded the Institute for Change Leaders, providing leadership training and community organizing skills that grass roots activists and organizers need to achieve social change, empowering thousands of people.

And then in 2023, Olivia Chow opened a new chapter in her extraordinary life story when she ran for and won election as Mayor of Toronto, pledging to build a more affordable, safe and caring city where everyone belongs.

Throughout her career, Olivia has been driven by the belief that we are always stronger together."

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