Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th at Port Dover 2016

Friday in the lakeside town is never the same under the famous motorcycle rally days, especially in the warmer Canadian months. May can be considered a touch early for summer loving bikers, but in the true spirit of the North, we will take what we can get -  and get a patch to commemorate the occasion.
I came early to the small town that swells with tens of thousands of people attending the two wheeled party.  Parking at the remote cornfield for ten bucks and catching a continuous shuttle of buses, thank goodness for the school buses, that bring in the non-motorcyclists among the event's fans.  Remember where they drop you off because every cornfield looks the same. The overnight rain, fueled by more rain during the day, soaked the fields and made me wonder if we would be trying to get out of a mud pit when we had to head home, but it all worked out.
Entertainment and beer tents beckon the faithful in away from main street while a continuous roll of Thunder signify that choppers continue to flow into town like an unstoppable river of chrome and exhaust.
The band in the beet tent pours out a steady stream of old school rock as the attendants change dollars for shiny drink tokens and serve you a cold brew. Music on the Molson Main Stage on Harbour Street started at 11am and continued late into the night, admission was free and beer was only $6. The big tent also gives you a break from the bright sun or the pouring rain. Rocking the stage in the first slot is the Mushy Peez, finishing off their set with 'It's time to get out of this place'  and fitting for southwestern Ontario 'tobacco road.'
It's nice being early, you see things fill up while avoiding the heavy traffic that chokes highway #6. During the early morning you see the bikes backing into spots along both sides of the road, and in some spots in the middle of the road as well. Riding motorcycles along the road gradually becomes almost impossible as the crowd swells and takes over the entire road allowance. The best view of the sea of humanity is from Harbor Street or Walker Street looking northwest up Main Street. Peak pedestrian traffic is into late afternoon, then gradually people hit the entertainment spots or begin the long ride home.
Just after the day passes noon, the sun is replaced by a burst of heavy showers and leather clad throngs hide underneath any available cover, except for the Hells Angels, they don't care about rain. Speaking of the hardcore bikers, they were often seen up and down the strip and even had several vendor areas selling merchandise. Other clubs were also in attendance at the rally.
The sun bursts through for awhile and the cloudy skies return to mute the exhilaration of bikers.  But it is only temporary because it is wet t-shirt time and the second rainfall soon ends.
Rockstar Energy Drink were very supportive of this event and I enjoyed a thirst quenching sample of their beverage

If you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of Friday the 13th, it is probably a bad time to be in the tourist and fishing town on today of all days.
The silver lady from Nomadpreacher

See a massive photo album of the day after the jump.

Under the gas station canopy during the rainstorm

There were a couple of brave girls that even went swimming in Lake Erie
Police motorcyclists
There were a lot of beads on display
Some doggy motorcycle passengers

I think this one is from 'Murica
There was a great variety of two and three wheeled motorcycles
Leather and chaps is definitely the fashion of the event

Some zombies were a big hit with the PD13 visitors

Ladies of the beer tent
Santa Claus drops by Port Dover

A tiny dog gets a ride and stays dry

The famous bunny/lion g-string guy riding a motorcycle. I later see him walking through the streets posing with fans.

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