Sunday, May 01, 2016

Down by the Quay

The cruise ships head back out into Toronto Harbour after winter has passed and the tourists start to return to Queens Quay. Pedestrian traffic down by the water's edge is relatively light on Saturday during the last weekend in April, the cool weather and the upcoming Toronto Goodlife Marathon might be enough to keep people away.
Adjacent to Harbourfront Centre and the Power Plant gallery sits a large outdoor, inflatable stage - similar to a double ended cornucopia, just without the fruit and flowers. It is fun to walk into the soft structure and sing a few songs, although it is not fair when the crowd throws tomatoes at you. Looking towards Lake Ontario you can see the masts of the schooner Kajama. The tall ship was taking people out for weekend cruises, or pirate raids getting some booty for all I know.

The Natrel Pond is no longer a skating rink, but temporarily sits empty of water. Soon the paddle boats and canoes will fill the concrete water tank. It's a little safer than hitting the high seas and you can hide from those pirates.
Two fireboats and a police boat are parked down on the Quay
Toronto Music Garden Park provides a nice backdrop for some wedding photos. The park also offers free one hour public concerts on Thursdays at 7pm and Sundays at 4pm (don't forget to check the schedule).

Green is starting to sprout, come on spring
The utilitarian Canada Malting Company's old grain elevator silos are heritage buildings built in the late 1920's, removed from service in the 1980's and still waiting for re-purposing.
Circling around the Gardiner Expressway we find Canaoe Landing Park, with a big, red canoe looking out onto the elevated highway. Tom Thomson's canoe is by Douglas Coupland looks like it is made of concrete, but I think it is made of fibreglass. This is the park that has the big fishing bobbers along with a soccer pitch and sits besides the condos with the condo bridge between the condos. That's a lot of condos!

Further east is Roundhouse Park, just across from Rogers Centre, home to a furniture store and the best part of the park area - Steam Whistle Brewery. Step in for a free sample of their draft beer.

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