Monday, May 23, 2016

#Banksy still remains in Toronto

The art endures even when the spirit fades and fresh paint covers over the canvas of a graffiti artist. Banksy has long kept the world fascinated by the application of paint over the shabby walls of the decay found in large and small cities. His work is sometimes cut from the buildings it was applied to, many times it is covered over by those whose destructive talents overshadow their contribution to life in a modern society. Sometimes it is protected and kept for the public to enjoy, to wonder about the belief that always said that art is in the eye of the beholder. The message is for you to figure out.
Banksy, the secretive graffiti artist, apparently came to Toronto a few years ago, did some of his magic and as quick as he arrived, he departed. Leaving several pieces behind, spread throughout our city, waiting to be discovered by those with eyes open to the wonder of creation in the midst of small alleys and out of the way places. Before you could say "what do they mean?" small minded people painted over most of the works and one was saved when it was boxed up and removed from a building being demolished. This one, the one that sits at a driveway entrance near Church St and The Esplanade, was protected by a sheet of Plexiglas and since then people have been attacking the plastic.

The three characters still wait, two men and a boy, staring at what? Something that isn't there, something that has to be provided by the viewer. That has to be seen by you.

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