Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wild kittens in the GTA

Cute little kitty Doug says goodbye just before we take the wild kitten and his Mom Martha to the a helpful Humane Society. Toronto has approximately 100,000 wild cats and it is difficult to find a way to deal with the cute critters. One of the most beneficial options is to catch, spay and neuter the animals and return them to live out their lives in their home surroundings, thus reducing the continuous cycle of new kittens and hungry cats. Toronto Street Cats also helps with feral felines.
It is shocking to realize that each female cat can have two to three litters each year and each litter having around 4 kittens. One female and her descendants can reproduce on the order of 400,000 cats in only 7 years. Both domestic and feral cats will help to keep the rodent population down but will also seek to eat songbirds and other flying species and wild cats are probably hungrier and more motivated to treat nature like an all you can eat buffet. Cats will also poop a lot and they like to use your garden as kitty litter.

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