Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fresh in High Park

Frost at night, trees bereft of leaves and snow on the cusp of falling and creating a winter wonderland, in #Toronto's High Park the squirrels are like an army of chewing, fuzzy robots eating everything they can before everything is frozen. The High Park Zoo is still open and the animals continue under the threat of relocation with the zoo closing without City funding.
What does the Emu say?
I think that the two top parks in Toronto are High Park and the Toronto Islands. High Park, one of the largest in the City sits on 399 acres of land, has large tracks of forests, creeks and a small lake known as Grenadier Pond. The biggest attractions of the park, besides nature, are the annual spring blossoms from the Japanese Cherry Trees, the small urban zoo and the magical children's castle playground - rebuilt by Mike Holmes after arsonists destroyed the wooden installation called Jamie Bell Playground. Other interesting features are nature trails, sports facilities, Colborne Lodge, Grenadier Restaurant/Cafe and the Trackless Train.
Enjoying the blossoms
The variety of trees, flowers and rare plant species are gorgeous in both spring and fall and are worth the battle for parking or the commute on public transit as over one million visitors come to the park every year.

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