Monday, March 21, 2011

Repo! Shadow Cats

I saw some of the cast of Repo! Shadow Cats for the film Repo! The Genetic Opera and I was intrigued with the thought that this was a lot like going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show - only better (because it was raunchy and had boobs). I liked the costumes as well - this is Kirsten pictured above.

Shadow Casting is when actors provide a re-enactment of the movie while the movie is shown in the background. The film Repo! The Genetic Opera story line is that a biotech company is taking back, or repossessing, the organs planted in people who have defaulted on the payments for the said organs.
Playing at the Toronto Underground Cinema (2nd last Friday of the month @ 9:30pm) everyone is encouraged to participate, join in by dancing and singing and wearing costumes. See more pictures after the jump.

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