Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Grad rate increase - time to party

The Province has announced that high school graduation rates have increased over the years from 68% in 2003 to 79% last year which means an increase of more than 50,000 graduates. I think it is because  everyone wants to get into college and university so that they can really take their partying to the professional level. I know my son has been tempted to upgrade from his amateur status.

This poster for the Annex Wreck Room was near Ryerson University and states "What OSAP was meant for!! $3 drinks all night long." OSAP of course being the Ontario Student Assistance Program designed to help people afford to go to school, or in this case drink. PS this blog now has a drinking surcharge as well. No, I'm just kidding about this one, but it has been reported that the tasty ingredients of beer are going up in price and the price of beer will have to follow. Those students might actually have to study more to make up the lost drinking time if this happens.

The four year high school year hasn't been the best decision, in my opinion, because so many either require five years to finish, or they go into post secondary learning at the tender age of 17.

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