Saturday, February 05, 2011

Toronto Roller Derby Season Opener 2011

Jammer Bambi #33 moves by Monichrome #35 and Sinead O'Clobber #87

The battling babes of the Toronto Roller Derby League have greased their wheels, grabbed their protective gear and are ready to crush each other during the opening of the 2011 flat track season. The 2010 season champions the Gore-Gore Rollergirls have got the leopard skin outfits ready to roll while the Death Track Dolls have their white, black and red uniforms stretched across their taut muscles. The first game of 2011 is scheduled for February 5, 2011 at the Hanger - doors open at 6:30pm, game at 7:30pm. The Gore-Gores destroyed the Dolls by 107 to 43 from the last score left on the board. These are pictures of the Season Opener.

The year started a lot earlier for this, the fifth season, of ToRD. The antham was sung by Natasha Biondillilo - Queer Idol 2010, while the whistle was blown by Toronto Councillor Maria Augimeri (front, in red).
See pictures of last years 2010 Season Opener here. And remember that there is a double header bout on Saturday, February 26.
Bambi #33, Brim Stone ##21:8, fan & Dust Bunny #7 and a head
Land Shark #33 with Sue Sainte Marie #71
Zebra Mafia Head Ref Penny Whistler with R'effin Adora Bell and Nicki Nine Lives
Jammer and Captain Brim Stone #21:8 tries to climb thru the Dolls
Pivot Panty Hoser #99 tries to block Jammer Brim Stone
See more pictures after the jump.

The Gore-Gore Rollergirls during player introductions
Hurlin' Wall #89 grabs Dust Bunny's uniform for some extra speed
Dust Bunny #7 shares a laugh with Land Shark #33
Dust Bunny and Panty Hoser come crashing down
Captain Brim Stone during warm up
2010 ToRD Rollergirl Downright Dirty Dawson #Z682 and with Sinead O'Clobber #87, below

The Death Track Dolls during skater introductions
Lucid Lou #12:34 tries to clear a path for Jammer Land Shark #33
Manager His Unoliness Rev. Ramirez says that the Gore-Gores win because they work so well as a team.

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