Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toronto Sexapalooza 2011

Update: Sexapalooza 2012 photos here. And The Everything to do with Sex Show coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from October 21 to the 23, 2011.

Of all the paloozas this one is The Palooza - the 2011 Toronto Sexapalooza show this February 25-27 at the International Centre. This was my first Sexapalooza and I was impressed by the show and the attendance in Hall Six of the Centre, just the right size for this year's show. Some beautiful models were on hand to help show off some of the sexy fashions available.
The people attending the show were a great mix of couples and groups of friends who dropped by to see all the show had to offer, which included a lot of sex toys and boudoir wear. I must admit that some of the super hot visitors rivaled some of the professional models - like the gorgeous lady pictured above.
There was a main stage with all sorts of demonstrations including Burlesque, pole dancing demonstrations and a lingerie show. Also included in the show were videos, a BDSM dungeon and a small sex museum. For the artistic touch you could get some body painting done.
Body painting by Joshua Mayhem.

See more exciting pictures after the jump.

Some of the Kinky Curious girls trying the electricaly charged toy which is called a Violet Wand - it was tingly. Their motto is "don't be afraid, Kink is NOT what you think."

Bliss Toys beautiful sales staff.

Ashley a Toronto Sunshine Calendar girl and Bud girl signs calendars at the show.

There were some great burlesque dancers putting on some exciting shows from Starlight Burlesque. I stumbled around and I think I found the G-spot (and my watch) - I was pretty proud of myself.

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Joshua Mayhem said...

Great post and photos about Sexapalooza. Good times

Thanks for coming by the bodypainting booth, eh.

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