Monday, February 14, 2011

Barbie & Ken; TOGETHER Again!

It was a mighty stroke of fortune – Barbie, plastic though she is, thought long and hard about her old love Ken and in a surprising coincidence – it is Valentines Day after all, Barbie took back Ken. The advertisements are going up around Toronto “TOGETHER Again!” with a picture of Ken and Barbie smooching behind a bunch of red roses. In the bus stop at Yonge and Dundas the windows have been covered in red film to magnify the romantic joining of the two iconic play toys, as they played, so to speak. Sheesh, get a room you two!
You can find my original post here, where Ken is seeking to win back Barbie.
I thought people were looking at the ads and bursting into happy tears but I was wrong, I think someone just tripped. People were happy to see the radio station KISS 92.5 HIT Music giving out chocolate Hershey Kisses and Hearts right outside the Eaton Centre. Now that’s romantic (and tasty) tradition that I can get behind. I had also hoped someone would be giving out free red satin thongs and then my valentine gift basket would be complete, but no such luck – La Senza and Victoria’s Secret will have to step up their games next year.

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